1.   What are your office hours?

Our office hours are below,

Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 18:00pm (GMT)

Saturday: 9:00am – 11:00am (GMT)

Sunday Closed

We will do our best to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Should you have an inquiry contact us 

2.    Do you sell cars to my country.

We will sell cars to buyers in any country, please contact us for details. However please be aware that you are responsible for complying with any laws and regulations in your country relating to the importation of motor cars. You are also liable for all costs once your car reaches it’s port of disembarkation, not limited to unloading fees, customs clearance, duties and any sales taxes.

3.   Why do cars in Stock cost more than Auction cars?

Stock cars are sourced from franchised dealers and have passed rigorous manufacturer approved safety, mechanical, electrical and history checks. The cars body work and interior condition are also in very good condition considering the age of the car. Auctions on the other hand are where dealers purchase their cars to sell to consumers,  dealers would expect to incur some expense bringing the car into a showroom condition. The amount they would have to spend will depend on the condition. Buying from auction is advantageous if you are subject to high import duties and/or sales taxes as you are able to buy a cheaper car at “Trade Prices”.

4.   Why do you ask for a Limit Price?

We ask for a limit price, which should be your maximum budget for the car. Why? If we only have a minimum budget the chance of us winning a car will be minimal.  Especially as it could take a long time to search for that elusive bargain you desire.  If the car sells for less than your maximum budget YOU PAY THE LOWER PRICE. We do reserve the right to levy an administration charge if you continually submit unrealistically low limit prices.

5.   Why do you suggest buying more than one car with friends and/or Family?

As international shipping can be expensive to some locations, it may make sense to combine orders for shipping.  A 40ft container is a more economical way to ship cars compared to single 20ft containers, especially if you find three cars that will fit into a 40ft container. For example 3 Mini’s will fit inside a 40ft container. So it makes sense for you to team up with friends and family to purchase a number of cars to ship together. The other consideration to take into account is that import duties and sales taxes are generally levied on the Cost of the car plus insurance plus shipping cost, so the more you can save on the shipping cost the less duty and/or tax you have to pay.

6.   What happens to my deposit if my bid is unsuccessful?

You can either leave it in our system (for up to 59 days if paid by PayPal) to use it as a deposit to bid on another vehicle or you can ask us to return your deposit. If you paid your deposit by PayPal your deposit will be returned in full in accordance with PayPal’s refund terms. If you paid your deposit by telegraphic transfer we will return it to you less any bank transfer charges.

7.   What happens to my deposit if the car I wanted to buy has already been sold?

In the event that the car is no longer available we can either return your deposit as above, or search for another car matching your requirements.

8.   Why do you return all PayPal deposits after 59 days?

PayPal deposits left in our system to regularly purchase cars are returned every 59 days to avoid you and us incurring the high PayPal charges. If a deposit is returned after 60 days you the recipient will be charged a receiving fee.

9.   Why are all Auction cars shipped to your premises after purchase?

All cars purchased at auction are transported to our premises so that we can a) check the car against the condition and mechanical report and work to resolve any discrepancies with the auction house and, b) have the pre shipping inspection/report prepared before handing the car over to the international shipper.  We will also store your cars if you are consolidating an order to reduce shipping costs.

10.   Is my car insured while in your possession?

Yes all cars are insured while in our possession.

11.   How much is shipping to my county?

Shipping costs vary considerably depending on a few important factors.

  • Vehicle size (the larger it is the more it costs)
  • Frequency of the shipping line.
  • Distance the vessel must travel to reach its final destination.

Please contact us or check our Example shipping rates to get an idea of the likely shipping costs.

12.          How will my car be shipped?

When shipping overseas there are different options on offer depending on your needs and budget. Depending on the destination your car will be either shipped in a container shipping, roll on, roll off, or a few other options including air.

13.   When will I know about the shipping schedule?

As soon as we have received your final payment we will arrange booking for your car to be shipped. In some cases we will contact you to obtain further information which may be required before shipment, otherwise, leave it up to us. As soon as the booking is confirmed we will inform you of the departure date and expected arrival date.

14.   How long does shipping take?

Shipping depends on a number of variables, namely how long it takes for your payment to arrive, the frequency of shipping departures to your location, and your location compared to the UK. For example it takes approximately 37 days to sail to New Zealand and 24 days to sail to Grand Cayman.

15.   Is my car insured while in transit overseas?

No it is not. It is strongly recommended you purchase an extra insurance policy. They offer full coverage, which covers all damages and shipping expenses. Containers do fall overboard in rough seas. The insurance cost is based on the value of your vehicle at approximately 2% with a minimum charge of £30.

Other Important notes.

  • Please remember the time difference especially when calling our office. ( We are open 9am -6pm Monday- Friday )
  • Refer to our terms and conditions on the website for reference.
  • Deposits will not be refunded if a vehicle has been purchased for you.
  • You will receive an email notification about cars coming up through auction that are possible candidates, also please search the auction listings on the website.
  • Cars will only be purchased with your 100% approval. This will be confirmed in writing prior to purchase. We do not buy without your approval.
  • It is important to note that some cars are going to auction as you sleep and contact will be impossible. We must have a minimum of 24 hours notice to make any changes.
  • It takes around 30 seconds for a car to be auctioned so calling you on the spot is impossible.
  • Remember to allow for 4% min £300 which is our buying fee. This covers a multitude of costs involved with the purchase of your car, unless it is purchased from Stock.
  • Upon purchase payment must be made within 48 hourd of  invoice. Payment will not wait for any reason!
  • Additional work can be done to your car upon special request.
  • Very Important To Note. We can’t see everything and the auctions are not always accurate. Please allow for additional expenditure on your car upon arrival to your country, as noted above when motor trade professionals purchase cars at auction they expect to incur additional expenditure bringing the car into a retail condition. Average is $500 - $1,000 on basic safety and maintenance requirements.


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