How to Buy From Auction

  1. Look through our auction listings and choose your car.
    • Contact us to obtain an up to date shipping quote.
    • If you can’t find what you are looking for contact us as auction stock is continually changing. We will let you know when your desired car is coming up for auction.
  2. Check the Auction date and Guide Price. Pay your deposit, 15% of Guide price in Sterling (GBP)
  3. We will send you confirmation of receipt of funds, and we will ask you
    • What is the maximum you would like to pay for the vehicle (Limit Price)
    • Confirm that you have checked the condition report and mechanical report where applicable.
  4. On the Auction day we will bid on the car up to your Limit Price.
    • On the same day we will tell you whether we were successful in purchasing your car or not.
    • If not we will either refund your deposit or you can use it to bid for a different car, please see our FAQ’s.
  5. Upon Success we will Invoice you. This will include:-
    • Hammer Price of the Car
    • Auction Fees
    • fees
    • Transportation of the vehicle to our premises (So that we can a) check the car against the condition and mechanical report and work to resolve any discrepancies with the auction house and  b) prepare the pre shipping inspection/report)
    • Transport, Insurance and shipping costs to your destination port. Unless you are consolidating an order or you are arranging your own shipping.
  6. Full Payment needs to sent by Telegraphic Transfer within 48 hours of invoicing.
    • If you have paid your deposit by Telegraphic Transfer, you can either set the deposit against the purchase cost or leave it in our system to purchase further cars.
    • If you have paid your deposit by Paypal, we will either refund this to you as soon as your full payment has arrived or you can leave it in our system to purchase further cars.
  7. We will contact you when the funds have arrived.


  1. In order to book your shipping we  will require a copy of your passport photo page, we may require other documents depending on  where you are shipping too.
  2. If you are appointing a customs broker to clear your car through customs, please  let us know who your customs broker is prior to shipping, so that the shipping company knows who to contact when your vehicle arrives
  3. We will arrange shipping and notify you as soon as arrangements are made and of the Departure date and estimated time of arrival.
  4. We will arrange for a pre shipping inspection to be undertaken, which includes photos of your car to confirm its condition when it is handed over to the shipping company. These will be e-mailed to you.
  5. Documents will be sent to you by courier approximately 1 week after your shipment has departed. This is standard procedure for all shipping companies.


We will arrange for the following documents to be sent to you by courier approximately 1 week after your shipment has departed. This is standard procedure for all shipping companies.

  • Bill of Lading. This is an extremely important document which signifies the ownership of the vehicle. You will not be able to collect your car without this document.
  • Invoice. Vital proof of what you paid for your car
  • Registration Certificate. Signed by the previous owner to signify transfer of ownership. This document replaces the need for a separate export certificate


We recommend that you appoint a local Customs broker as clearing a car through customs is time consuming. In some countries this is mandatory.  Please check your local directory for Customs Brokers.

  1. Take all the documents we have sent you to your customs broker along with any country specific documentation.
  2. Please take into account:
    • Local Import duties & Taxes
    • Inland Transportation
    • Compliance (some countries)
    • Storage
    • Wharf Fees
    • Any hidden charges.
  3. You or your customs broker will be notified by the shipping company agent that your vehicle has arrived.
  4. Pay the required import duties and taxes in your country.
  5. Register your car for road use, your customs broker may do this on your behalf (please ask him/her)

Congratulations you have your New Car!

You should have received photos from us so please compare them against your cars condition and ensure that the car has not been damaged during shipping. Enjoy your new car!



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