Terms and Conditions

  1. By accepting the services of Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions whether you have read them or not.
  2. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) acts as a trade buyer for a customer for the purpose of buying  used cars and clients should expect fair wear and tear in accordance with the age of the vehicle and not new cars. Please check here for full descriptions of the condition reports. (Auctions Only). The customer contracts with Elvey Auto Ltd to purchase the vehicle from Elvey Auto Ltd.
  3. Prior to purchase in order to comply with money laundering regulations, new customers need to supply us with a copy of a certificate of incorporation (If a company) or a copy of the principals’ passport if you operate as a partnership or sole trader, together with a recent utility bill in the customers name
  4. To purchase a car from Auction a deposit of 15% of the Guide Price must be paid either into the bank account specified by Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) or by Paypal before a customer can bid. The amount of deposit may be negotiable for customers buying larger numbers of vehicles. 
  5. If the purchase is cancelled up to 24 hours prior to auction commencement Elvey Auto Ltd will refund the deposit less any bank service charges, deposit refunds will be made in sterling (GBP) (Except Paypal click here for Paypal refund terms.). However you can leave the deposit in our system to bid on another vehicle.
  6. If the purchase is cancelled within 24 hours prior to auction commencement Elvey Auto Ltd will refund the deposit less any bank service charges  (Except Paypal click here for Paypal refund terms.),and any costs that have been incurred in preparing to bid on your behalf for the vehicle, for example but not limited to travelling to the auction site to bid on the vehicle, deposit refunds will be made in sterling (GBP) (Except Paypal click here for Paypal refund terms.). However you can leave the deposit in our system to bid on another vehicle.
  7. Cancellation for cars where Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) has purchased or has made an agreement to purchase a car on the customer’s behalf, will only be accepted prior to shipment and will be subject to re-reimbursement of all costs incurred by Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) up to the point of cancellation including auction purchase fees, re-auction fees or resale costs, storage, transport, documentation, bank transfer fees, Elvey Auto Ltd's fee and any other incidental costs. Further, the customer will be liable for any costs and losses exceeding the amount of the deposit. This also applies to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances of the clients personal situation, shipping delays, delays in shipment bookings, and fluctuations in exchange rates. We cannot accept responsibility for any delays or problems unforeseen or promoted by a third party.
  8. Cancellation or failure to make final payment for a stock car once it has been reserved on the deposit has been paid will result in the customer forfeiting the entire deposit.
  9. All refunds (Except Paypal click here for Paypal refund terms.) will be made in sterling (GBP). Elvey Auto Ltd will not be responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates, banking fees and changes to Paypal’s terms and conditions.
  10. Our service is purely used to source and secure vehicles in the United Kingdom on our client’s behalf.
  11. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) will inspect cars upon customers request. An additional fee maybe required if we have to travel. Or we can arrange for an independent check to be carried out by the RAC, additional fees will apply.
  12. All stock cars are purchased directly from manufactures franchised dealerships and no guarantees are given to the accuracy of the information provided as it is provided directly from the dealerships.
  13. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) does not offer a warranty on any vehicle purchased on our customer’s behalf. All cars are purchased on an “as is where is basis”. The auctions provide a condition report on each car which will be either available on request or on the listing. We do not guarantee the accuracy of this report as the auctions provide it and is compiled by auction staff, not Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com). All cars are purchased with a degree of risk.
  14. If you need to purchase a warranty it would be advisable to see your local car dealer for assistance.
  15. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) will not be liable or held responsible for any damage incurred after the pre shipping inspection has been compiled, and during shipping. Nor will we enter into negotiation or accept claims from any party. It must be noted that we are not the shipper and we take NO RESPONSABILATY. You are strongly advised to purchase insurance to cover yourself against any loss or damage during the shipping process. As the shipping company signs off on the pre shipping inspection you will be able to use this as a basis against any claim
  16. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) cannot be held responsible or liable for anything beyond its control. This includes any damage (Subject to clause’s 17 &18 below) or negligence by auction houses, shippers, transporters, shipping agents, natural disasters, mechanical failure or electrical corrosion, delays or unscheduled stops or rules and regulations governing the customer’s individual importation laws. Furthermore we cannot control and will not be responsible for fluctuations in exchange rates and banking fees.
  17. After purchase the vehicle will be transported to our premises by the Auction house at the customers expense,  where Elvey Auto Ltd will ensure that the vehicle is as described by the Vehicle Condition/Appraisal report.  As Elvey Auto ltd has purchased the vehicle from auction, it is the responsibility of Elvey Auto ltd to check that the vehicle matches the description in the listing, condition report and mechanical report where available, and it is Elvey Auto’s responsibility to liaise with the auction company to resolve any discrepancies, we will liaise with the customer if in our opinion the vehicle should be rejected.  Elvey Auto Ltd reserves the right at its own expense to repair or rectify any problems with a vehicle so that it is handed over to the shipping company in the condition as described in the listing particulars. It will be Elvey Auto Ltd.’s responsibility to make any recovery claims against the auction company, and the customer will not become liable if Elvey Auto ltd is unsuccessful with their claim.
  18. Where a mechanical report is available it is Elvey Auto Ltd.’s responsibility to check that the car complies with this report and will claim against the specific checks if the vehicle is not as reported. The Auction house reserves the right to rectify any discrepancies so a delay in shipping could occur, it is only in extreme circumstances that a vehicle may be accepted back by the Auction house and a full refund provided. Please note that batteries are liable to lose charge during the shipping process.
  19. Elvey Auto Ltd cannot be held liable for mechanical issues which are not covered by the mechanical report. If any such issues become apparent prior to shipping  we will notify you, and discuss with you how you would like to proceed, for example arranging and preparing quotes to have the defect repaired on your behalf. In such situations you the purchaser will be liable for all additional costs. Any additional costs will be passed onto the customer at cost price.
  20. Vehicles at auction are not in the possession of Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com). Condition and grading are assessed by staff employed by the auction houses with no connection to Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com.com) and they prepare an inspection report. The Mechanical report is carried out by an independent motoring organisation.  Staff contracted by Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) further inspect vehicles with their inspection based around the official auction house condition report, and third party mechanical report but offers no warranty or guarantee of condition, and the purchaser purchases at his or her own risk.
  21. Buying at Auction is not without risk, we at Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) do everything in our power to reduce these risks for you. Buying at auction allows you to acquire a vehicle at a lower cost, however most cars are NOT in showroom condition, and some remedial work should be expected as per the condition reports. Other issues that may occur could include but is not limited to missing keys, vehicle manuals and other removable items. When this occurs we will notify you and arrange for replacements to be purchased at the expense of the customer. Any additional costs will be passed on to the customer at cost price.  The purchaser purchases at his or her own risk.
  22. Stock vehicles are not in the possession of Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) and have not been inspected by us. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) sources all stock from reputable dealers or manufacturer franchised dealers. Condition and description are based on information supplied to Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) by individual car dealers. However, Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) offers no warranty or guarantee of condition, and the purchaser purchases at his or her own risk
  23. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) cannot be held responsible nor liable for anything beyond its control. This includes but is not limited to: any errors by auction houses, transporters, shipping companies and shipping agents; shipping availability and schedules; any costs and/or expenses incurred; mechanical and/or electronic failures; corrosion; exchange rates; force majeure (flooding, war etc).
  24. When buying through auction, the full cost of the vehicle must be paid as directed within 48 hours of invoicing along with any applicable pre-shipment inspections, freight and insurance charges and costs and fees. If the client fails to make payment in an allotted time frame we will attempt to work with the client for a further negotiated amount of time.  If the client fails again to meet this deadline it may result in the sale being treated as a cancellation of purchase by default with the vehicle being re auctioned at the customer’s expense.
  25. When buying Cars in Stock, an initial deposit of £500 (More may be required for higher valued cars) is required to reserve your car. All cars remain available for sale until a deposit is received and may have been sold or reserved by another customer prior to the receipt of your deposit. In such circumstances you can either use the deposit to reserve a similar vehicle or request that it is returned. Bank charges may be incurred if you have paid by Telegraphic transfer and refunds will be made in Sterling (GBP) , no fees will be incurred if paid by Paypal. Please click here  for Paypals returns policy.
  26. Once confirmation of your reservation is sent to you the deposit becomes non refundable, and the outstanding balance is required to be paid within 48 hours of the Invoice date and time. The Invoice will include Transport, Insurance and shipping costs from our premises to your destination port, unless you are consolidating an order, then we will invoice the shipping separately when your consignment is complete. 
  27. Failure to pay the above schedule may result in the sale being treated as a cancellation of purchase by default and the deposit shall be forfeited.
  28. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) reserves the right to impose discretionary bidding fees on any client abusing our system by submitting numerous unsuccessful bids.
  29. The client must supply information such as consignee details within 7 days of purchase. Failure to do so may result in the sale being treated as a cancellation of purchase by default.
  30. The client is responsible for all import procedures and taxes and costs at the destination country. It is the clients duty to notify us of any special conditions when bidding.
  31. Agreements pertaining to bidding or purchase in general is made through submissions of forms via e-mail and/or fax . Note though that clarification may be sought through telephone or any other form of communication. Elvey Auto Ltd is the final arbiter regarding communications in such cases.
  32. Documents (other than Bill of Lading, deregistration certificate (V5C)) will be provided at the customer’s expense. The customer is required to notify Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) of such requirements prior to requesting Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) to bid on the customer’s behalf. 
  33. Note the country specific guides are a guide only and Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) can not be held responsible for any regulation changes. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that they comply with all the laws and regulations of the country they are shipping the car too. The customer is also liable for all costs once the car reaches it's port of disembarkation.
  34. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) reserves the right to make additional inland transportation charges to move a car to a port necessary for prompt shipping to the destination country.
  35. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) or their agent of choice will export the vehicle(s) from the United Kingdom.
  36. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com)  and the customer submit to the jurisdiction of any court chosen by Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com)  with respect to any dispute arising from these terms and conditions.
  37. Severability. In the event any provision of this Agreement is deemed to be void, invalid,  or unenforceable, that provision shall be severed from the remainder of this Agreement so  as not to cause the invalidity or unenforceability of the remainder of this Agreement. All  remaining provisions of this Agreement shall then continue in full force and effect. If any  provision shall be deemed invalid due to its scope or breadth, such provision shall be  deemed valid to the extent of the scope and breadth permitted by law. If any provision of this contract is later held invalid, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid.
  38. Elvey Auto Ltd (rhdimports.com) reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.



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